Posted by: Andrea M | February 17, 2013

‘Tis the Season for Gift Giving…or not


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Hello internet! While it’s not really the “season” for gift giving, I say it’s always in season for gifting!! After literally spending the entire weekend working (what’s new) and locking myself in my room crafting (again…what’s new) I’ve decided that this weekends post would be about making quick gifts and gift giving ideas for both being a guest at a party or providing favors to your party guests.

STEP ONE IS ADMITTING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m addicted to Pintrest! It is no secret that I am obsessed with Pintrest. Anyone who has thousands of pins strategically arranged in 70+ boards clearly has a problem (You can check out the madness below). Amid all the craziness I have some specific boards dedicated to Event//Wedding Gift & Favor Ideas and a general Gift Giving Ideas.


This weekend I experimented with a few crafts from my Pintrest boards/my imagination and fell in love with making coasters and fabric rosettes. I made a few coasters and had a friend see them and immediately ask that I make her a dozen for a party that she has next week. So…hence the locking myself in my room and crafting like crazy!


Some of my coasters in progress!

Some of my rosettes I am attaching to a pillow!

Some of my rosettes I am attaching to a pillow!

After making dozens of these coasters and rosette pins and embellishments I came to the conclusion that I’m going to start my own Etsy page! I recently started my mom’s Etsy page (my mother is also where I got my artistic/creative roots) and after getting her started with showing off her works of art, I’m thinking I’d like to get in the selling game as well. Check out her Etsy page below and stay tuned for mine in the coming months as I build up my inventory! 🙂


ON TO THE GIFTING: Okay, now that I’ve shamelessly plugged myself (and mother) in this blog let’s get on with it shall we? Obviously, I’m a huge fan of making gifts, but I realize not everyone is the “crafty” type so I’ll have a little of both for everyone to enjoy!

BUY HANDMADE: I’ve already expressed my love for Etsy and I truly believe it’s a great forum for artists, crafters and scavengers alike! If you can’t make it yourself you can find it on Etsy! They have GREAT original gifts for the party you are throwing or attending!

Southern Belle Boutique by rrpage

If personalized gifts are your thing then head over to Southern Belle Boutique for all things customized and monogrammed! She has everything from koozies to platters to laptop covers! I really like the backgrounds she offers with her monograms and they are available in SO many colors and patterns! These would be great for bridesmaids gifts or birthday party favors or just because for a special friend!

Camp Clem – How To Put Together A Fantastic, Affordable Gift Basket

I’m also a fan of gift baskets. They can be personal, affordable and quick to put together in a pinch! Camp Clem had a great post a while back on how to put together an affordable gift basket. The baskets they put together are so cute and easy to duplicate and get your own inspiration from. Gift baskets are also great for bridesmaids gifts and for baby shower gifts; the possibilities are endless!

Helping “tie the knot” bridesmaid gift from Little Star by Brinkle

This is a gift that I absolutely LOVE! If you haven’t seen Little Star by Brinkle on Etsy you need to head over there NOW! They have great gifts like the one above for bridesmaids or a best friend or just a little arm candy for yourself!! 🙂 This is also a great alternative to that über expensive Tiffany version that isn’t available from the jewelry store anymore.

The Man Registry’s Best Groomsmen Gifts of 2013

Now I didn’t forget about the guys! Head over to The Man Registry and check out their list of 2013’s Best Groomsmen Gifts. Ladies, it’s also a great place to find the perfect gift for the man in your life or at least give you some inspiration on what to buy! I know it can be hard to find the right gift for our guys so I know I’m not ashamed to ask for all the help I can get!!

Delicious Candy Bar!

So I thought I’d end on a “sweet note”…pun intended. I definitely have a sweet tooth and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love some form of candy! Or at least I don’t want to be friends with them! 🙂 Candy Bars are a delicious and simple party favor for guests at any event; weddings, birthday party, bridal/baby showers, etc. Just leave cute bags and a sign next to the table and let guests pick their treats like kids at a candy store!! YUM!

Just remember…EXPECT the best, PLAN for the worst, and PREPARE to be surprised. Happy Planning!!blog signature

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